EPL 21.krog, Birmingham:Manchester United, 9.1.10 ob 18:30

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Re: EPL 21.krog, Birmingham:Manchester United, 9.1.10 ob 18:30

OdgovorNapisal/-a Fluid dne 10. januar 2010, 23:41:36

Še več, ofsajda sploh blo ni.
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Re: EPL 21.krog, Birmingham:Manchester United, 9.1.10 ob 18:30

OdgovorNapisal/-a Anderson#8 dne 11. januar 2010, 12:03:29

Še Clattenburgova izjava...

Clattenburg also explained the situation regarding the furore about United's equaliser when the linesman flagged for offside against Wayne Rooney despite Scott Dann turning the ball into his own net.

He added: "I saw that a player from the home side had scored an own goal, but my assistant say Rooney in an offside position and correctly put the flag up.

"I went across to talk to him and he told me why he had flagged, but because Rooney did not score and it was an own goal, it must stand.

"If Rooney had scored then he would have been given offside.

"As the law stands, for a player to be offside he must be either playing the ball or interfering with play. In this case the defender tried to clear it and scored an own goal. Rooney was two or three yards away from him."
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Re: EPL 21.krog, Birmingham:Manchester United, 9.1.10 ob 18:30

OdgovorNapisal/-a Matija dne 11. januar 2010, 16:43:28

Fergusonu se spet obeta kazen.. Prekršek Fletcherja ni bil ravno za rdeč karton. Je pa res, da je zaustavil protinapad

Ferguson faces ban for latest referee jibe
The Football Association is to consider activating Sir Alex Ferguson's two-match suspended touchline ban following his attack on Mark Clattenburg's refereeing after the dismissal of Darren Fletcher in Manchester United's 1-1 draw against Birmingham City. "You'll not see a softer sending-off than that," Ferguson said of the Fletcher dismissal. "For a start he's not that kind of player. He clips the boy [Cameron Jerome.] The boy actually stumbles. He didn't even go down. I think it was a terribly soft sending off." Clattenburg believes nothing of the sort. The official from Tyne and Wear said yesterday that Fletcher had "cynically tripped the Birmingham player" having been warned about dissent and then booked for a tackle on Lee Bowyer.
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